A Norway ID Card number is an ID number for you who have a residence permit and are going to live in Norway for more than six months. You need it when you are in touch with different Norwegian  authorities.



The Value of Your Norway ID Card Number

When it comes to living in Norway for more than six months, your Norway ID Card number becomes your golden key. This unique identifier is essential for anyone holding a residence permit in Norway and plays a pivotal role in your interactions with various Norwegian authorities.

The Versatility of Your Norway ID Card Number

Your Norway ID Card number isn’t just a random set of digits; it’s your ticket to various essential services and rights in Norway. Let’s explore some of the crucial purposes for which you need this identification:

Banking Made Easy

One of the first tasks on your list when you arrive in Norway might be to open a bank account. Your Norway ID Card number simplifies this process, ensuring you can smoothly navigate the Norwegian banking system.

 Access to Quality Healthcare

Securing a regular GP (fastlege) is vital for your healthcare needs. Your ID Card number makes it possible for you to register with a general practitioner, ensuring you receive timely medical care when necessary.

Finding Your Home

Renting a place to live in Norway is often a top priority for newcomers. Your Norway ID Card number is a prerequisite for signing rental agreements, making it indispensable in your journey to find a comfortable home.

Fulfilling Your Tax Obligations

Taxes are an inevitable part of life, and Norway is no exception. Your ID Card number is essential for fulfilling your tax obligations in the country, ensuring you stay compliant with Norwegian tax laws.

Exercising Your Right to Vote

In a democratic society like Norway, your voice matters. Your Norway ID Card number allows you to participate in elections, ensuring you have a say in the country’s governance.

Demystifying Your Norway ID Card Number

Your Norway ID Card number is not just a random string of digits; it consists of eleven digits, with the final five referred to as your “personal number.” This unique combination distinguishes you in the Norwegian administrative landscape.

The Timing of Receiving Your Norway ID Card Number

If you’ve been granted a residence permit in Norway, the process of obtaining your Norway ID Card number begins. You can expect to receive it approximately two to six weeks after you’ve applied for your residence card and met with the police.

For citizens of EU/EEA countries, the procedure is slightly different. Your Norway ID Card number will be provided by the Tax Administration after you’ve registered with the police.

Addressing Registration Issues

There might be situations where you find yourself registered as “moved from Norway” in the National Registry. If this happens, there are specific steps to rectify the situation:

 Expired Residence Permit

If your residence permit is no longer valid, and you have a new application in progress, you can contact the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (the UDI). They can notify the Norwegian Tax Administration to re-register you in the National Registry. This option is available only if the UDI believes you were legally in Norway when the initial “moved from Norway” registration occurred.

Other Registration Concerns

If your case falls outside the aforementioned scenario, and you’re still not registered in the National Registry, it’s advisable to get in touch with your local Norwegian Tax office for further assistance.

A Note on Your National Identity Number

Your Norway ID Card number should not be confused with your birth date. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration does not alter your birth date to match your national identity number, so it’s essential to keep these distinctions in mind.

Exploring the D Number

In certain situations, you might encounter the term “D number.” Here’s a brief explanation:

What Is a D Number?

A D number is a temporary identification number issued to individuals seeking protection (asylum) or those with a residence permit intending to stay in Norway for less than six months.

Unveiling the DUF Number

Another term you might encounter is the “DUF number.” Let’s shed some light on its significance:

The DUF Number

When you apply for protection (asylum) or a residence permit in Norway, you’ll receive a DUF number. This unique identifier serves as your registration number within the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s computer system, streamlining administrative processes.

In conclusion, your Norway ID Card number is more than just a string of digits; it’s your gateway to a fulfilling life in Norway. Understanding its importance and the various situations in which it plays a pivotal role is crucial for anyone embarking on a journey to live in this beautiful Nordic nation.


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