The police passport offices issue passports and national ID cards to Swedish citizens. You can apply for and obtain your new passport or ID card at any passport office in the country.

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The Power of Swedish Passports and National ID Card

In Sweden, the police passport offices play a pivotal role in facilitating the issuance of passports and national ID cards for Swedish citizens. If you’re a Swedish citizen residing in the country and you’re over 18 years old, this guide will provide you with valuable insights on how to obtain these crucial identity documents seamlessly. Read on to explore the application process and key details.

Applying for Your Swedish Passport or National ID Card

Applying for a Swedish passport or national ID card is a straightforward process, but there are essential requirements to meet. Here’s what you need to do:

Gather Required Documents

To begin your application, you must have the following:

    • A valid form of identification (a passport is one of several accepted ID documents).
    • Your old passport, if it is still valid.
    • Personal Visit to Swedish Passport OfficeIt’s important to note that all applicants, including children and adolescents, must personally visit the police passport office. For minors under 18 years old, written consent from all guardians is mandatory.Cost of DocumentsThe cost for obtaining these vital documents is as follows:
      • Passport: SEK 350
      • National ID card: SEK 400
      • Temporary Provisional Passport: SEK 980

      Payment is made at the time of application, and most passport offices accept charge cards for your convenience.

      Booking an AppointmentTo apply for a passport or national ID card, you must schedule an appointment in advance. New appointment slots are regularly made available to ensure efficient service.

      Delivery TimeTypically, your passport or national ID card will be ready for collection at the designated passport office within five working days. Don’t forget to bring your receipt when picking up your document.

      Valid Identification during ApplicationDuring the application process, you will need to present valid identification. The following are accepted forms of identification:

      • Valid Swedish passport (please note that a provisional passport is not considered valid).
      • Swedish national ID card.
      • Valid Swedish driver’s license.
      • A Swedish SIS-branded ID card or an ID card issued by a government authority, such as the Swedish Tax Agency.

      If you lack suitable identification, a family member or guardian can vouch for your identity. However, a provisional passport is not accepted as a valid form of identification when applying for a passport.

      Provisional PassportsProvisional passports are issued solely for imminent travel purposes. It’s essential to determine the required validity period for your passport and whether your destination accepts a Swedish provisional passport. You can obtain this information by contacting the relevant embassy or travel agency. Not all passport offices issue provisional passports, and for minors under 18, a guardian’s presence during the application is mandatory.

Lost or Found Passport or National ID Card

In the unfortunate event that you lose your passport or national ID card, here are the steps to follow:

  • Report the loss to the police promptly. They will block the lost document.
  • Apply for a new passport or national ID card while submitting a notification of loss.

If you happen to find your old Swedish passport or ID card after reporting it as lost, it’s crucial to notify the police. If you’ve already obtained a new passport or national ID card, you must surrender the old one for cancellation. Remember that the old travel document should not be used once it’s been reported as lost.

For those who lose their passport or national ID card while abroad, reaching out to the nearest Swedish embassy or consulate is the recommended course of action.

In conclusion, the process of buying a Swedish passport or Sedish  national ID card in Sweden is well-organized and user-friendly, ensuring that citizens can access essential identification documents efficiently. Always ensure you have the necessary documentation and comply with the guidelines outlined in this guide to make the process as smooth as possible.


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