The person applying for the Finish ID card must always be present in person when an application is submitted at a police licence services point. This applies when an electronic application requires a visit to a police licence services point for identification purposes and when the entire application is made at a police licence services point.



How to Apply for a Finnish ID Card

In the modern age, obtaining a Finnish ID card has never been easier. Whether you are a Finnish citizen residing within the country or abroad, this guide will walk you through the application process step by step, providing valuable insights to ensure a smooth experience.

Applying Online: The Hassle-Free Approach

Step 1: Capture the Perfect Photograph

The journey begins with capturing a high-quality photograph. Visit a certified photography studio that offers electronic submission of passport photographs to the Police. Find your nearest studio here. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so ensure it meets the standards.

Online Application

Finish ID Card
Finish I D Card online

Once you have your photograph, proceed to the online application portal at Attach the unique photograph retrieval code provided by the studio to your application. Make sure to complete the application by paying the required fee online.

 Identification Visit (if needed)

In some cases, an electronic application is sufficient. However, depending on your circumstances, you may be required to visit a police licence services point for additional identification. The online application system will guide you, letting you know if a visit is necessary. To save time, it’s advisable to book an appointment in advance here.

Why Choose the Online Route?

Submitting your application online is not only convenient but also cost-effective. Even if your electronic application requires an identification visit, you’ll still benefit from reduced fees. Plus, the entire process becomes faster and more efficient.

Key Points for Finnish Citizens Residing Abroad

If you’re a Finnish citizen living abroad, note that Finnish ID card are issued by Finnish missions abroad, not the Police. While using the Police’s eServices from abroad is allowed, the same level of service as within Finland may not be guaranteed. Online applications must also be paid online, and credit card payment is an option for added convenience.

Essential Passport Photograph Guidelines

Remember that the passport photograph you attach to your application must not be older than six months. If you’re applying for both a Finnish ID card and a passport simultaneously, you’ll enjoy a reduced fee. This applies to both online and in-person applications at a licence services point.

Special Considerations for Minor Applicants

Regular Identity Card for Minors

Minors have the option to apply for a regular identity card that can be used for both travel and online services. To do so, they’ll need the consent of all their guardians. For applicants under 15 years of age, at least one guardian must accompany them during the identification visit. However, minors aged 15 and above can visit the police licence services point independently, provided they have written parental consent and verifiable identification, such as a valid passport or identity card.

Identity Verification for Minors

For applicants under 18 years old, identity can also be verified through their guardian’s identity document. This special identity card without travel rights is available without the need for guardian consent. In the eServices, it is referred to as a “minor’s identity card without travel right.”

When Is an In-Person Visit Not Required?

In most cases, you can complete your application entirely online if:

  • The issuing authority has identified you for a passport or identity card within the last six years.
  • You were at least 12 years old at the time of the identification.
  • Your name remains the same as on your previous passport or identity card.

However, minors often do not meet these requirements, so their identity card applications typically require an in-person visit for identification.

Passport Photograph Submission Made Easy

To simplify the submission of your passport photograph, consider using the licence services photograph server. Most photographers can send the photograph electronically, ensuring a hassle-free process. Upon submission, you’ll receive a unique photograph retrieval code that must be entered in your online identity card application or brought with you to a police licence services point.

Reporting Lost or Stolen Identity Cards

In the unfortunate event that your identity card is lost or stolen, prompt reporting is crucial to prevent misuse. You can report the loss through the electronic form for reporting an offence or by visiting a police service point. If you’re abroad, a diplomatic mission representing Finland can assist with the report. Once reported, you can apply for a new identity card.

Applicant Identification Methods

Online Application

When using electronic services, applicants are identified through online banking codes, a mobile ID, or a Citizen Certificate. Always use your personal identification. Guardians can also identify themselves and submit applications for their under-age children.

In-Person Application

For in-person visits to a licence services point, applicants must prove their identity with a valid passport or identity card. While the Police can verify identity without these documents, it may prolong the process. If you lack a passport or identity card, bring your driver’s license and any other valid identification documents. If your previous identity card is lost, it must be reported as such.

Updating Personal Data

If your name or personal identity code changes, your identity card becomes invalid as a proof of identity or travel document. It’s crucial to apply for a new identity card as soon as these changes are recorded in the Population Information System.

Acting on Behalf of Someone Else

When applying for an identity card, the applicant must be present in person, especially when an electronic application requires an identification visit or when the entire application is made at a police licence services point. For applicants under 15 years of age, at least one guardian must accompany them during the visit. Powers of attorney are not accepted during the application process but can be used for identity card collection.

Temporary Finnish ID Card

In special circumstances, the Police can issue temporary identity cards. These cases are carefully assessed individually. Temporary identity cards are typically provided when documents proving an individual’s identity are lost or stolen. Such cards are generally valid until a new identity document can be obtained. However, they cannot be used as travel documents and do not include a chip for accessing eServices.

Identity Cards for Foreign Citizens

Foreign citizens residing in Finland permanently, with their details in the Population Information System and valid residence permits or residence cards, can also receive identity cards. These cards are issued for up to five years or until the expiration of the residence permit or residence card, whichever occurs first. Foreigner’s identity cards cannot be used as travel documents.

Identity Card Delivery

Regular identity cards are delivered to a Matkahuolto office or an affiliated subcontractor’s office. You’ll receive a notification when your identity card is ready for collection, including a tracking number. To collect your card, present proof of identity along with the tracking number, typically done using a Finnish passport or identity card. In some cases, you can authorize someone else to collect the card on your behalf, but strict identification rules apply.

The entire process typically takes between five to eight working days, though this may be longer for incomplete applications or during peak times. Rest assured, this comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate the Finnish ID card application process seamlessly.

For more details on identity card features, please visit the “Features of Finish ID card

Certainly! The Finnish identity card, also known as the “Henkilökortti” in Finnish, is an official identification document issued to Finnish citizens. It is a widely recognized form of identification within Finland and is also accepted as a travel document within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

Key features and information about the Finnish ID card include:

  1. Personal Information: The card typically includes the holder’s full name, date of birth, a photograph, and a unique identity number. It may also display other relevant personal details.
  2. Nationality: The card confirms the holder’s Finnish citizenship.
  3. Valid Travel Document: The Finnish ID  card can be used as a valid travel document for Finnish citizens traveling to other EEA countries and Switzerland. However, it is not a substitute for a passport for international travel outside of these areas.
  4. Electronic Chip: Most Finnish ID cards issued in recent years include an electronic chip that stores biometric information, such as the holder’s fingerprint data. This enhances security and can be used for various electronic authentication purposes.
  5. Security Features: The card incorporates various security features to prevent forgery and unauthorized duplication.
  6. Validity Period: The validity period of a Finnish ID card varies depending on the age of the cardholder. Adult cards are typically valid for 10 years, while cards issued to minors may have a shorter validity period.
  7. Application Process: Finnish citizens can apply for an identity card at the local police station. The applicant must provide the necessary documentation, including proof of Finnish citizenship and identity.
  8. Cost: There is a fee associated with obtaining a Finnish ID card, and the cost may vary depending on the applicant’s age and the validity period of the card.
  9. Use in Daily Life: The identity card is commonly used for various transactions and official purposes within Finland, such as opening bank accounts, accessing government services, and proving one’s identity.
  10. Privacy Considerations: The use of biometric data on the Finish ID card, such as fingerprints, is subject to privacy regulations and is intended to enhance security while safeguarding individuals’ personal information.

It’s important to note that while the Finnish ID card is a valuable form of identification for Finnish citizens, it is not a substitute for a passport when traveling outside the EEA and Switzerland. When planning international travel, it’s essential to check the specific entry and visa requirements of the destination country.


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