Turkish Driving License


Buy Turkish Driving License online without sitting for exams. 


Unlocking the Path to Acquiring a Turkish Driving License Effortlessly

In the realm of convenient options, securing your Turkish driving license without the need for tedious exams stands as a compelling choice.

For foreign nationals residing in Turkey or contemplating a future in this vibrant country, the pursuit of a Turkish driving license unfolds through well-defined procedures.

Diving into the Requirements:

Obtaining a Turkish driving license becomes feasible for foreigners holding a Turkey residence permit with a residency period exceeding six months. The process entails engaging with driving schools in Turkey, where your journey towards a Turkish driving license begins.

Language No Barrier:

One striking advantage is the accessibility of the Turkish driving license exam in multiple languages, including Arabic and English. This accommodating approach ensures that language doesn’t hinder your quest for a Turkish driver’s license.

Versatile Licensing Options:

When it comes to the types of Turkish driving licenses, the options are diverse. You can seek licenses for categories such as B and the two-wheeled A1 and A2 vehicles.

Two Paths to Your Turkish Driver’s License:

The journey to acquire a Turkish driver’s license bifurcates into two distinct routes, each offering its unique advantages.

Enrolling in Turkish Driving Schools:

Meeting the Legal Requirements:

Foreign nationals aiming to obtain a Turkish driving license through registration in Turkish driving schools must meet specific criteria. First and foremost, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a residence permit in Turkey.

Documentation and Registration:

Driving schools in Turkey facilitate your journey towards a Turkish driver’s license by assisting with essential documentation. They will compile the necessary paperwork and forward it to the traffic police office upon your successful completion of the driving test.

Translating Your International License:

An alternative route to acquiring a Turkish driver’s license involves the translation of your international license into the Turkish language.

This option streamlines the process, making it accessible to those who already possess an international driver’s license and prefer not to undergo additional training.

In conclusion, whether you opt to enroll in Turkish driving schools or choose the translation route for your international license, the road to acquiring a Turkish driving license has been simplified, ensuring a smooth transition to exploring Turkey’s diverse landscapes behind the wheel.


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