Turkish Driving License


Buy Turkish Driving License online without sitting for exams. 


Buy Turkish Driving License online without sitting for exams. 

The Turkish driving license procedures of foreign nationals living in Turkey or going to be live here are as follows:

Turkish driving license can be obtained for foreigners who have a Turkey residence permit with more than 6 months residence period by applying to the driving schools in Turkey.

Foreign citizens can also take the Turkish driving license exam in Arabic or English languages.

You can apply for all types of Turkish driving licenses, including B and (A1, A2,).

There are two ways to get a Turkish driver’s license, one is to register in driving schools in Turkey and getting a Turkish license, the second is by translating your international license to Turkish language and converting it.


Applying to Driving Schools in Turkey


The first condition for getting a Turkish driving license through registration in driving schools in Turkey for foreign nationals is the legal age, which is 18 years of age and residence in Turkey with a residence permit.

Driving schools in Turkey will also take documents from you to register you for a Turkish driver’s license, which they will send to the traffic police office when you pass the driving test.,


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