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Buy  jelly breath strain online. Manufactured by DNA Genetics, this hybrid strain has a significant presence on the medical marijuana market. This Sativa-dominant strain has a relatively high THC level between 16% to 20%. What makes it stand out among other strains is that it can be grown in both places with a difference in latitude of only 10 degrees and longer sunlight exposure.


Buy jelly breath strain online

Buy  jelly breath strain online. Manufactured by DNA Genetics, this hybrid strain has a significant presence on the medical marijuana market. This Sativa-dominant strain has a relatively high THC level between 16% to 20%. What makes it stand out among other strains is that it can be grown in both places with a difference in latitude of only 10 degrees and longer sunlight exposure.

Hi im selling a strain called jelly breath. Im sure you know a lot about it already, but some of the basic info is that you can grow it inside and outside, it gives above average yeilds of 3-4 ounce per plant with a open air yeild of approx 7oz per plant. With some care you can give it to someone as a gift and it will still be enjoyable experience for both of you.

Jelly Breath Strain is an indica dominant hybrid that has powerful cerebral effects but turns into a relaxing body high. It will take you to the moon and back again, with a sweet berry taste and smooth smoke. This strain is great for treating nausea, chronic pain, and even insomnia. Jelly Breath is a cross between Death Star, Indiana Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream.

Jelly Breath is a hybrid cannabis strain that delivers a heavy euphoric relaxation and relieves head, body and mind tension. This strain leans 60% toward Indica and 40% toward Sativa, and it usually tests between 18% and 21% THC.

Buy jelly breath online and feel yourself get high

JELLY BREATH is a sativa dominant hybrid strain made famous by its famed pungent, earthy, and sweet aroma. With an effect-heavy THC potency, this strain’s effects can help to heighten creativity and leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed. Available in both regular and feminized seeds.

Who knew that the best way to get over a heartbreak is a good nug? Jelly Breath can help you keep your breath fresh when you’re out on the town and trying to meet someone new.

Great strain, it’s a strong high. A must have for your collection, great for everyday use. The price is the only thing keeping it from a five star rating. I did get mine for cheaper than the asking price and am very pleased with it but I have to rate on the price I paid which was a little over $80. Price of haze is as always too high even though this is top shelf stuff…

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This product has a THC level of 20% or greater and less than 0.5% CBD

Jelly breath strain online for sale online

Jelly Breath cannabis strain online for sale online

You’ll swear you’re somewhere near the shore, with the citrus and pine aroma of our Jelly Breath strain online for sale online. Created from a specially formulated cannabis concentrate, this bud is grown in Colorado and is available from our Los Angeles  Dispensary . Our pharmacists take your medical needs into account, so don’t be afraid to ask about dosage or ingestion methods.

Jelly breath strain online. The jelly breath is becoming a repeat seller. It has won 3 first places in local cannabis cups and just taken an honorable mention out of over 600 entries in the 2014 Denver Cannabis cup!

Buy jelly breath strain online for competitive prices. Jelly Breath is a pure Sativa dominant strain that is mainly Indica with a little touch of Sativa. A pure Sativa dominant, cannabis strain from the seeds bred from Massachusetts, U.S., and Canada.

Jelly Breath marijuana strain is a Sativa Indica hybrid and one of the most amazing strains available online. Jelly Breath is a combination of the popular hybrids Girl Scout Cookies and Berry White and has been very sought after for it’s high THC level. This strain has many medicinal properties including: Creativity-Enhancer, Happiness, Hunger, Pain Relief, and Euphoria.

Greenhouse Wizard is happy to sell the Jelly Breath marijuana seeds online. Riving from Green House seeds, this new strain of marijuana has been completely revamped. Jelly Breath weed is Sativa dominant, and can reach up to a whopping 140 cm. The growing difficulty for the plant is moderate to hard. With a flowering time of 9-10 weeks, the strain will yield up to 600 grams per meter squared when grown indoors. Indoors or outdoors, this strain of weed can be cultivated. With some experience under your belt, you can expect awesome results.

Jelly Breath marijuana strain vape cartridges will give you the happy euphoria, munchy and mind numbing buzz that you love.

Jelly Breath is an Indica dominator strain. You can obtain it by crossing the Banana Kush, Sour Diesel and the Girl Scout Cookies. This flowering plant attracts you with a magnificent look and is characterized by massive buds that are covered with long reddish hairs mixed with trichomes. It has a strong scent of bananas and diesel. The taste is also very pleasant, combining sweet notes with some spicy hints. The effect is intense and powerful, providing rapid relief from pain, stress, depression and insomnia.

Jelly Breath is a cross between the Power Plant and Banana Krush strains. The tension slowly builds up in your body until you begin to taste your own breath.

This Jelly Breath is a potent hybrid with a fairly balanced effect. Bred by DNA Genetics it won 1st prize in the medicinal category at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Shroom Supplies are Canada’s

why choose jelly breath strain

Jelly Breath strains come from the crossbreeding of all around cannabis cup winners, creating a wonderful strain that is great for pain relief, yet also uplifting and fun to smoke.

Jelly Breath is a strong sativa strain with a sweet berry taste and smell. This strain has high THC content that can reach 20 percent and uses the ruderalis strain of cannabis. While jelly breath is an indica strain, it is known for being social with great head highs.

jelly breath is an indica dominant hybrid of double og kush and blueberry. The aroma of Jelly Breath is distinctly skunky, with hints of sour berry and a flavour that has shades of sweetness which are balanced out by flavors which are reminiscent of berries and the taste of tobacco.

Jelly Breath is a cross of Big Buddha Cheese and Nebula. She has a cheese/straw taste with a hint of pepper and citrus. This plant grows very well in SOG or Scrog

Ever wonder what makes a specific strain of bud popular among marijuana smokers? Perhaps it’s its taste, appearance, or effects. Jellynose weed is not one of the most potent strains but its extremely tasty, much like strawberries and blueberries. The smoke is smooth as well. Some people say that Jellynose weed tastes so good it deserves to be called “marijuana candy”. Some marijuana dealers even call it “The Best Bud on the Block”.

This is a strain that was particularly potent in a sample bag of munchie munchie that I had bought from the acc shop. The menthol/minty/cool feeling when inhaling/breath hits you especially strong with this strain. Goes great with an early morning cup of coffee.

This is the perfect strain for helping you regain normal function and avoid embarrassment after a night out. It’s effective and convenient, making it your best choice for that late night burrito.

—  gently relieves upset stomach bloating, gas and indigestion. Contains ½ a serving of vegetables per serving. This vegetable medley has been specially selected for you to achieve the same discount as the other brands <7 months>!

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jelly breath strain
jelly breath strain



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