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Princess Haze is a royal sativa-dominant hybrid fit for a true cannabis king or queen. A cross between Princess and Super Silver Grail Haze (Cinderella 99 x Super Silver Haze), Princess Haze is a resin-producing powerhouse. Even better, she boasts the dankest tropical fruit aromas. So if you love an all-around sweet strain and a fast, phenomenal high, then you’ve met your match with this jewel.

Princess Haze is a lovely addition to any cannabis garden. She is perfectly fit to handle both indoor and outdoor atmospheres, and usually, takes anywhere from 63 to 70 days of flowering before she’s ready for harvest. But between her exceptional yields and her resinous, rock hard buds, and the fact that her effects can be felt almost immediately, she is an impressive strain through and through and is worth the wait.

Princess Haze cannabis strain will rapidly send you off into a tingly body and mind buzz. Users report that this strain can make you glow with happiness and contentment. Born of genetics from Princess and  strains,  combines the best of both of these strains to bring you a pleasing hybrid experience.

Inspection of these  reveals dense flower construction with lots of foliage compacted into a small volume. The plant is comprised of dark green hues with orange pistils emerging all over to give an orange tinge to the pine green leaves. A light trichome dusting covers the buds and does not fully reveal how resinous this plant can be.

Your first taste of Princess Haze will reveal sweet and tropical flavors with undertones of incense and pungent cheese. The flavor is smooth throughout and you’ll note hints of earth on the exhale. This strain smells like it tastes, mostly sweet and tropical with pungent notes.


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