how to roll a cross joint

how to roll a cross joint cross joints, Seth Rogan, includes a piece of cardboard at the butt end of his cross joints. He never really explains why but, he’s had enough experience at this that we’ll defer to his judgement. Most likely, the cardboard is there to act as a mouthpiece of sorts so that you can burn the joint all the way down to end and use up every last piece of ganja. If that’s the case, we like the way he thinks.

To make this work, cut a small strip of thin cardboard or cardstock paper. The strip doesn’t have to be very long—maybe two or three inches, nor very wide—maybe half an inch. You can tailor this piece of the build to your needs, so feel free to make it wider if you like. When you’re finished cutting, roll the strip of cardboard into a cylinder about the size of your fat doobie

Mr. Rogan likes to save this step for the very end when he just shoves the cardboard into the butt end of the cross joint. You can certainly emulate the master in this regard, or you can incorporate the cardboard piece into the first step. Many marijuana enthusiasts choose to get rid of this step entirely and just roll a joint without the cardboard. That’s fine too. Ultimately, it’s up to you and why we included the word “optional” in the subheading. Try building your cross joint with or without the cardboard, and try inserting the cardboard at the beginning and the end of the process. It’s a great excuse to put together three cross joints.

You’ve got your joint tools assembled, so let’s get rolling. The process is essentially the same for blunts so we’ll just cover joints.

Step 1 – Twist Up Your Main Joint

Take your full size rolling paper, sprinkle in your herb, and roll up a fat joint. Pack in more than usual. This will be your main joint. The denser it’s packed, the better it’ll hold the cross joint. Give the joint end a loose twist. This’ll make it easier to light once it’s fully assembled. Throw a crutch in the filter end if you want.

Step 2 – Roll Up Your Cross Joint

Take your small paper and roll up a skinny joint, twisting both ends closed. This is the cross of your cross joint. The smaller your roll it, the easier time you’ll have creating your cross joint.

The larger you roll it, the more evenly your cross joint will burn. Either way, you’ll want it to be pretty densely packed all the way through for stability.

Step 3 – Poke a Hole Through The Main Joint

Take your needle or unrolled paper clip and poke a hole through your main joint about a quarter of the way down from the twisted end. Gently start widening the hole by wiggling your needle but be careful not to tear the paper. This is where you’ll slide your skinny joint through to make your cross, so try to make it a little smaller than the width of your skinny joint. This makes for a better seal.

Step 4 – Poke a Hole Through The Cross Joint

With your needle or paper clip, poke a hole through the middle of your cross joint. This is where the smoke from your skinny joint will flow into your main joint. Just like you did with your main joint, gently wiggle the needle to widen out the hole.


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